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Details of four new Apple SoCs leak online

 We've known for a while now that Apple is already working on chips beyond the Mac's current M1 SoC. This week, we got some new details, with four unannounced SoCs leaking. 

This leak comes from Longhorn, containing a list of upcoming Apple SoCs. There are four in total, two belonging to the T600X family and two belonging to the T800X family.

We don't know exactly what devices these chips are destined to power, but the nomenclature gives us a hint. Apple's latest chips, the A14 and M1 SoCs, were codenamed T8101 and T8103, respectively. Considering this, the T8110 and T8112 chips should point towards the A15 and M2 respectively.

On the other hand, the T600x SoCs are a completely new series, possibly linked to the rumoured 16 core and 32 core chips that leaked last year.

KitGuru says: How much of a performance jump do you think Apple will manage in its next batch of SoCs? Will the M2 be a true replacement for Intel or AMD CPUs?

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