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Apple opens a 5th hub to deal with demand

Everyone knows that Apple has been the flavour or the month/year/decade – but the level of desire for the Jobs juice has even surprised the company's hierarchy.

Start-ups put deals together and worry later about how to satisfy the demand. More experienced companies will look to create a channel to market. They will think through the demand for product, how many places are likely to sell it and how each unit will be built in the Far East and shipped through to the final customer in a local shopping mall.

Word on the street is that Apple has been satisfying its European demand with 4 main hubs. Serious levels of stock moving in and out all over the place, but well within controllable limits – even with the completely crazy Christmas rush at the end of 2010.

With the iPhone 5 and iPad 3 both looking likely to be in stores by the start of Q4, there will be a massive push on the new products through the end of this year.

So, can Apple handle the demand with its existing distribution network?

Apparently not. The design and electronics giant has taken on a 5th hub, this time in Holland, increasing capacity by up to 25%.

Will iPad 3 have all the 3D goodness that BFFs need to be happy?

KitGuru says: Nothing lasts forever, so we know that – at some point – Apple will lose its way and become a ‘thing of the past'. But, in the meantime, it looks like everyone will be queuing for the retina displaying, NFC-chipping, Thunderbolt-ported goodness this December. Apple iPad competitors around the world beware, the giant is looking to grow.

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