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A man is suing Apple over unwanted IOS 7 upgrade

A man residing in Apple's home-turf, California, has filed a lawsuit against Tim Cook. Mark Menacher is seeking the removal of the IOS 7 install file from his and his family's IOS devices. You might be wondering how much money he wants to get out of suing Apple, after all it is a big company. Well it turns out Menacher is only after $50 for the reimbursement of ancillary costs.

The plaintiff has been making an effort to ask anyone he can who works for Apple to remove the install file for him working his way up from technical support to the board of directors. He plans to run this lawsuit the same way, the filing has started off in a Small claims court so if things don't work out, he's just going to keep moving up the chain.

When an Apple device is connected to both WiFi and power it will automatically download updates in the background, taking up almost 1GB of space. There is no way to remove it or downgrade within Itunes either, meaning your unwanted update is using up space that you could need.

“Apple's disregard for customer preferences in relation to iOS7 is corporate thuggery,” Menacher said. “Steve Jobs was reportedly rough on company employees in pursuit of happy customers, but Tim Cook apparently cultivates a culture of contempt for customer satisfaction in pursuit of corporate profits. It is a policy that will eventually fail.”


A trial date has been set for the 28th of January 2014.

KitGuru Says: I can see where he's coming from with this lawsuit, he wants his space back on his phone and he doesn't want IOS 7. Normally I would say just upgrade but we don't know what devices he is running – for instance IOS 7 on an iPhone 4 runs horribly. Maybe Apple should include a downgrade to IOS 6 option in Itunes. What do you guys think?

Source: PCmag

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