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Apple is taking in app submissions for new Apple TV

The Apple TV was announced all of the way back in September, though the set top box isn't shipping until November. Given how early the announcement was, some developers may have already figured out how to get their iOS media apps working on the newly announced tvOS, which is a reworked version of iOS itself. Apple is now taking submissions for Apple TV apps.

Apple has also put out some guidelines for developers preparing apps for tvOS. As with the normal App Store, the selection of software available on tvOS will be subjected to heavy curation, so don't expect any pirate streaming apps to make their way through.


In addition to that, Apple also wants developers to design their apps around tvOS, meaning some user interface changes will have to be made in some cases to get the app looking presentable on a larger display. These apps will also need to be compatible with the Apple TV remote as well.

To get apps running on the Apple TV, developers will also need to use the latest version of XCode in order to access the new tvOS SDK.

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KitGuru Says: The Apple TV already has a fairly decent selection of apps that will be available on day one, though there are a few streaming apps that will be notably absent for a short while. 

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