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Oculus launches SDK version 0.8 with improved Windows 10 support

Today, Oculus launched version 0.8 of its software development kit, bringing along improved Windows 10 support after some users experienced issues on the new operating system. Until SDK version 0.7, the Oculus Rift did not have proper support for Windows 10, while version 0.8 highlights improved Windows 10 support, Oculus has not actually pointed out exactly what changes or additions it has made with this latest release.

The good news is that developers won’t need to recompile their demos or experiences made with SDK 0.7 as they should be cross-compatible with the latest update. This was not the case with older versions of the development kit and there are still quite a few older demos that require a retroactive install to get working properly.


Alongside the things already mentions, there is the addition of ‘ovr_GetTrackingCaps’, which brings back the tracking capabilities of the Oculus Rift. This could be the first step to allowing developers to properly utilise the upcoming Touch controllers, or track objects of any type using the Constellation tracking system.

With this new SDK, you will also need to grab the latest drivers from Nvidia and AMD to ensure optimal performance. Both GPU makers have been putting a lot of extra focus in to virtual reality lately ahead of the Rift’s official launch next year.

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KitGuru Says: I don’t have much experience with SDKs myself but I would like to know if any of you have tinkered around with the Oculus SDK at all! We are always happy to hear about projects our readers might be working on. 

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