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A big Windows 10 update is due out next month

The next big Windows 10 update is on the way in November, currently referred to internally by Microsoft as ‘Threshold 2’, suggesting that the update will be pretty significant to users of the new operating system. The update is said to contain fixes and user interface changes that were originally due to be put in to the final version of Windows 10 but were held back for whatever reason.

These changes will include an extra column of Live Tiles in the Start menu, improved context menus and coloured title bars for desktop apps to match your system theme.


The Windows 10 update is also going to be adding in a new Messaging app, along with a Skype Video app, which will make Skype native with the OS. Some were expecting Microsoft’s Edge browser to also finally get extension support but according to The Verge, this specific feature has been pushed back to next year now. That said, the browser will still be receiving a few tweaks.

When the update does come out, Microsoft will be labelling it as the ‘Windows 10 Fall Update’.

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