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Apple Music begins rolling out lossless audio and Dolby Atmos streams

Apple Music is getting a huge upgrade today, as Apple is now enabling lossless audio streams, in addition to spatial audio streams powered by Dolby Atmos. This update makes Apple Music one of the few streaming services to offer lossless audio, rivalling the likes of Tidal. 

Today, Apple Music officially begins rolling out lossless quality options to its entire catalogue, which includes over 75 million songs. Apple is also adding support for Spatial Audio, so Dolby Atmos headphone users will get a bit more out of their listening experience.

While lossless audio will be coming to all songs on Apple Music, the rollout is starting off with 20 million songs supported. That number will grow to over 75 million lossless audio tracks by the end of this year. Spatial Audio will be available on a case-by-case basis, starting off with a few artists that have mastered albums in Dolby Atmos format. From there, Apple will be looking to consistently add new ‘Spatial Audio’ tracks and albums on a regular basis.

The update is rolling out now, enabling a lossless audio toggle in the iOS app. Do keep in mind that lossless audio will take up a lot more bandwidth and you'll need to dedicate more space on your iPhone or iPad for downloaded tracks.

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KitGuru Says: I can see why lossless audio quality wasn’t a day-one feature, after all, high quality audio is a niche interest and streaming it takes up a lot of bandwidth. Still, it is nice to see Apple Music finally making the jump and bringing improvements for those who have invested in high-end audio gear. 

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