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Apple reportedly fires engineer following iPhone X hands-on leak

Last week, an early iPhone X hands-on video filmed right at Apple’s campus went viral on YouTube. The impressions were included as part of a vlog filmed by Brooke Amelia Peterson, who was taking a trip to the Apple Campus to visit her father, an engineer at Apple. It turns out that this didn’t exactly fall within Apple’s employee guidelines, so the engineer has reportedly been let go.

In a video update, Peterson claimed that her father was fired as a result of the early iPhone X video. The engineer violated Apple’s employee rules and while the company had initially requested that the original video be taken down, it had already spread too far.

As The Verge reports, the video may have seemed innocent enough but the iPhone X being filmed had valuable company information stored on it. This includes things like employee-only QR codes and a Notes app containing codenames for upcoming products. Apple doesn’t permit filming on campus outside of specific controlled environments (as we saw with the iPhone X launch, at which many YouTubers were present).

So far, Apple has not publicly responded to any of this news.

KitGuru Says: Apple hasn’t had much luck stopping product leaks over the last few years but this instance actually carried out right on its own campus. With that in mind, I don’t think that this is something that the company could have let slide.

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  1. He deserved to be fired. An engineer working on the new iPhone X 100% knew the rules and he broke them. Case closed…next.

  2. So she went to visit her father decided to film it and he got fired. Yea if the rules say no one visits then I guess no one visits simple as that. Now form what it says here he is only guilty of letting his daughter come visit him at work it was her that filmed it and if the video went viral on the net she did it with the intent to film the iphone X and used visiting her father as the excuse. I hope she enjoys the lack of money being brought home for food and stuff because she just had to be the first to get a video out there and look like a hero…Stupid people do stupid things..enough said