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The Apple Watch will finally be available in-store next month

Apple has struggled to keep up with demand for the Apple Watch. Millions of people pre-ordered ahead of release and as a result, Apple allocated the bulk of its stock to fulfilling online orders, rather than focusing on supplying its Apple Stores.

However, that is about to change soon as Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, has said that the company’s retail stores will soon be able to sell the smart watch in June. The Apple Watch has faced its own share of manufacturing issues, with some faulty ‘taptic feedback’ engines delaying things significantly.


According to 9to5Mac, Tim Cook made these comments whilst in China just last week. Apple has been heavily focusing on China recently, in an effort to turn it in to a key market for the company, despite the competition from cheaper phone makers.

Aside from that, the Apple Watch is continuing to sell well and those who already have theirs will have received their first software update last night, which was supposed to improve app speed, responsiveness and fix the usual few bugs.

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KitGuru Says: The Apple Watch has been very popular, despite the fact that nobody knew how useful it would be before its release in April. Have any of you played around with an Apple Watch, or even an Android Wear watch? What did you think of the experience? 

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