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iPhone 14 leaks ahead of iPhone 13 announcement

While Apple has always tried to prevent leaks and rumours from circulating surrounding its devices, the iPhone creator has never managed to plug all the holes. With the official announcement of the iPhone 13 just days away, leaks have already started propping up about 2022’s device, which will reportedly look almost exactly like an iPhone 4.

For many Apple fans, the iPhone 4 represents the peak of Apple design. The flat front and back, two-toned finish and industrial design all led to a phone with a now iconic design. It looks like 2022’s iPhone will be returning to the 12 year old design – looking nearly identical to its predecessor.

Apple leaker Jon Prosser (who has been 74.3% accurate over the course of 183 leaks) released renders of what he claims is the 2022 iphone. As can be seen from the images, it looks heavily inspired by the original iPhone 4.

Thanks to a thicker design, the phone will no longer have a camera bump – a first for Apple since the release of the iPhone 6 all the way back in 2014. Other similarities with the iPhone 4 include the circular volume buttons, similar speaker grills and the band around the edge of the phone. While current iPhones use stainless steel for the Pros and aluminium for the standard devices, the iPhone 14 Pro will reportedly use titanium, making it even stronger and lighter.

The final notable design change can be seen on the front of the device, where the notch has been replaced by a hole punch camera. How this will work with faceID is currently unknown – though it is exciting.

The iPhone 4 represented a turning point for Apple, where it became cool to own an iPhone – and its design played heavily into this. While smartphones were still in their infancy, being made of plastic and offering unrefined software, the iPhone 4 and 4S helped push Apple to the top of the smartphone rankings. It therefore makes sense that the company would want to return to this design – even though the iPhone 5S was better looking.

KitGuru says: What do you think of the renders? Does having a camera bump bother you? What is the best looking iPhone of all time in your opinion? Let us know down below.

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