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PlayStation revives the WipEout franchise…on mobile

The WipEout franchise has historically offered a fast-paced and hectic futuristic racing experience as far back as the playstation One. The past decade has not been kind to the franchise however, with the last original game releasing all the way back in 2008. After waiting for so long, WipEout is back…but only on mobile.

WipEout Rush is a mobile game described as being “reborn as a fluid combination of merge, idle, and action game built from the ground up for mobile. Become the team manager and use your quick wits to earn and upgrade ships before you pit them in races against an all-star cast of charismatic bosses on your way to championship cup victory.”

Pitched as “A fresh new spin on the classic franchise,” WipEout Rush may not be as fans of the franchise remember. As reported by IGN however, publisher ‘Rogue Games’ CEO Matt Casamassina spoke on the lack of a PlayStation entry, saying “If I want that visceral, immersive, intense racing experience, I’ll find it waiting on PlayStation. But at the same time, we’re delighted that we could rethink wipEout for mobile with some fun new play mechanics and gorgeous visuals.”

“We hope fans will come to it with an open mind because—although different—we’re proud to bring the wipEout franchise back into focus with a fresh take on the formula,” he continued. “And we’ve poured a lot of love into the presentation, which includes loads of iconic ships and tracks, a new comic book-inspired narrative, a fitting electronica soundtrack, and gorgeous visuals that run at 60 frames per second on modern hardware.”

The WipEout franchise has been a longstanding PlayStation classic, bringing much needed variety to the racing game genre. While it is unfortunate to see a mobile game entry – and not a new console release – the fact that the console manufacturer has revived the franchise at all could indicate that they are planning a bigger return for WipEout some time down the line – perhaps to line up with the release of the PSVR2? Time will tell. Until then, WipEout Rush will be released in Early 2022.

KitGuru says: What do you think of the trailer? Do you want a new console WipEout? What other dormant franchises do you want to see return? Let us know down below.

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