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Apple apologise to Chinese consumers

Apple boss Tim Cook has apologised to Chinese customers and has changed the iPhone warranty policies after dealing with bad press for their after sales service.

Newspaper publications and television channels have bashed Apple for their arrogance, protesting that their one year warranty service was shorter than in any other market.

Apple promised to change their consumer practices and Tim Cook wrote  a letter in Chinese on the company’s local website. He said “We are aware that owing to insufficient external communication, some consider Apple’s attitude to be arrogant, inattentive or indifferent to consumer feedback. We express our sincere apologies for causing consumers any misgivings or misunderstanding.”

tim cook

Apple are clearly concerned that their sales will be damaged in such a strong, profitable market for them.

Apple recorded $7.3 billion in their fiscal first quarter from Greater China, a rise of 60 percent from a year previous. The company plan to detail quarterly sales results in this region from this month onwards.

Tim Cook also added that Apple have “much to learn about operating and communicating in China.”

Robert Atkinson,  the president of the Information Technology and Information Foundation said “This does seem to be part of a growing strategy by the Chinese government to criticize and single out for unfair treatment leading foreign companies in China.”

Kitguru says: More negative press for Apple.

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