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Apple shares hit an all time high

Apple stock hit an all time high record on Friday of $422.40. CNN Money reported a few days ago saying that this was only a few points shy of the record intraday it reached on October 17th.

They add “I’m not quite as cynical as Schwarz, but I’ve noticed that Apple does tend to bottom out mid-way through the quarter — almost as if someone were preparing to load up on the stock at the lowest-possible price — and then run up in advance of a quarterly earnings report that almost never fails to beat the Street’s expectations.

After Steve Jobs died Apple had a spike on October 17th - reaching $426.70

Two things strike me as interesting about this quarter’s chart:

  • The odd spike in early October, after Steve Jobs died, reaching that intraday high of $426.70 on Oct. 17
  • The fact that the run-up in advance of the big Christmas quarter earnings report has already begun”

We are all waiting in anticipation for the upcoming earning report from Apple after January 24th.

Kitguru says: Many analysts are expecting record reports for the first fiscal quarter of 2012.

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