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Apple to release a bendible glass iWatch?

According to reports, Apple are testing a ‘watch-like device’ which may have some features similar to a smartphone. This could mean a watch with built in Mapping, text message capabilities and even preinstalled with fitness applications.

The Wall Street Journal has reported from sources that Apple have discussed this kind of device with Hon Hai Precision Industry Co, otherwise known as Foxconn.

Other rumours point to a new ‘bendable glass’ watch. The New York Times has said that Apple have been experimenting with a curved glass for a wristwatch-like device. The glassmaker who creates the glass screens for the iPhone has confirmed that they have made a bendable glass that can curve and bend without breaking. It can’t however fold.

Google may pip Apple to the launch however, as last month co-founder Sergey Brin took the companies Google Glass for a test ride on one of New York City’s subways.

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