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Could you distribute the Nvidia Shield in the UK?

Ok maybe not you on your lonesome, but if you run a big tech firm, maybe you could handle the distribution of Nvidia’s handheld gaming device. You know, the one that can stream AAA titles straight from your PC?

The reason I’m speculating like this, is because Nvidia is currently on the hunt for a British distributor and presumably one that could handle the rest of Europe as well. Game developers are already onboard, with Bohemia already readying an ARMA title for the lil’ console.

“We want to sprint to get it into the key markets in Europe and Asia,” said Nvidia’s director of product marketing Jason Paul (via MCV). “Since the announcement we’ve had people knocking on our door. So there’s interest in distributing the product. Shield is targeting Android and PC gamers, so we are looking for people who can sell into that market.”

Shield will support AAA gaming via local streaming technology.

This is the first time Nvidia has pushed its way into the console market, but of course it has quite a pedigree with graphical hardware, so it’s not surprising that the Shield boasts impressive capabilities thanks to its inbuilt Tegra 4 chip. This should also mean that when not in high powered operation, it will drain very little power from the source – whatever that may be.

The main idea for the project is to allow someone to be gaming on their main PC and then to move into the living room and continue to play the same game without pause.

KitGuru Says: With an Xbox like controller, built in speakers and a mini flip up screen, the Shield does look reasonably impressive. But will it sell? What do you guys think?

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