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Apple won’t fix ‘Do Not Disturb’ bug – ‘will fix itself’

Apple have decided that they won't be fixing their faulty ‘Do Not Disturb (DND) function' on iOS6. They have told their user base that they should just wait until 7th January 2013 when the bug will ‘resolve itself' without the need for further action.

Some developers say that they know the cause, which is related to the interaction with the Unix Operating System that iOS is based around.

This ‘DND' bug is causing problems for users who have scheduled the function to start at specific times of the day and night. When it is turned on, owners of devices running iOS6 should be free from receiving phone calls, email and text messages, except from a list of users they set up as approved.

Since 1st January 2013, the function has failed to work.

Apple have now acknowledged the software glitch, issuing a support document which reads “Do Not Disturb scheduling feature will resume normal functionality after January 7, 2013. Before this date, you should manually turn the Do Not Disturb feature on or off.”

Apple have gave no reason why this date will ‘fix the problem', but Apple developer Patrick McCarron said on Twitter “If you use a [Unix] date format string of YYYY (vs yyyy) you get 2012 until Jan 7 when it becomes 2013. Easy mistake to make, I have.”

While this seems a shortlived problem for Apple, a user test has discovered that this problem will reappear again unless Apple fix it properly.

Kitguru says: Not a great showing from Apple, seemingly unconcerned about a potential software breaking, long term problem.

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