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Is Apple’s Final Cut Pro X really that bad?

Apple’s latest video editing package Final Cut Pro X has received a tremendous amount of negative feedback. We reported a while ago that many users were saying it was a cheaper, ‘dumbed down’ version that didn’t fulfill their demands.

Apple initially tried to play the problems down a little, but in recent weeks they have issued a guide online which helps people work around some of their concerns. While it might not be ideal for business oriented or ‘hard core’ users, it seems that some of the mainstream Apple press are defending it as a ‘more friendly’ approach from Apple.

Respected Apple writer Michael Gartenberg, who handles a column for Macworld said:

“But the overall experience is much friendlier to a prosumer user like me than previous versions were. The fact that the price is $299, not $999, is important as well. No matter your thoughts on the specifics of the app and what it offers, Apple’s moves here show a good deal about how Apple works, its overall strategy, and how it thinks about growing its business.”

Gartenberg also says that perhaps they should have renamed the product so professional users would be more aware of the ‘under the hood’ changes to the program. He points out that people just have to accept change and that Apple will keep improving the technology as they go.

“Sure, the video pros are upset with Final Cut Pro X, and perhaps Apple should keep the old version around until some of the feature issues get addressed. But the reality is, the new version will attract a multitude of new users who would have never needed, purchased or learned how to use the old version. Change is hard. But at the end of the day Apple will keep pushing the technology ahead, even if that means alienating some along the way.”

Kitguru says: Perhaps the answer was to release an updated, high end version of the program with a similar pricing scheme as before, but then release a ‘lite’ version at the much reduced price, for the new users who wouldn’t need a lot of the ‘professional’ oriented functionality?

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