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Apple investigate unauthorised purchases from MMORPG game

Apple are investigating claims from customers that a new iOS MMORPG has charged them with unauthorised in app purchases.

The game called 帝國 Online is so far only available as a Chinese language version with the English translation still in beta format. All customer reviews so far have stated that their accounts have been hacked and the company have charged them money. This wouldn’t be the first time however that a rival company has spammed negative comments to stop sales of a particular product.

Apple however are taking it seriously and are investigating the claims and have apparently refunded some customers for in game purchases they say were not authorised. As this is a foreign language game we can’t help but wonder if people have been clicking the wrong buttons.

KitGuru says: It is worth remembering that you can disable in App purchases from within the Settings/ General/ Restrictions configuration of the Apple device.

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