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Apple sell 84 million iPads & 400 Million iOS devices

Apple have the iPhone 5 waiting in the wings, set to drive record sales in Q4, however their figures so far aren’t too bad either.

According to announcements made at the iPhone 5 event Apple have 380 Apple stores worldwide, placed in 12 different countries. A new Apple store is set to launch in Sweden on Friday, making it 13 countries.

Over 83 million visitors hit the Apple retail stores in the last quarter alone, this is almost 1 million people every day. The MacBook Air and Macbook Pro have become the No 1 notebook. 7 million Mac users have made the move to Mountain Lion at this point, making this the fastest selling Macintosh Operating system, of all time.

Apple are very pleased to say that the Macintosh has experienced a 15 percent growth, which is more than the PC market for six consecutive years.

The iPad is proving popular, even though it is expensive. They sold 17 million of them between April and June. This is more iPads that any PC manufacturer has sold when factoring in their complete PC range.

The iPad has proven so popular that 84 million of them have been sold until June, making for a 68 percent market share of the tablet market. Analysis shows that 91 percent of web traffic in the tablet sector is originating from the iPad.

By the end of June, Apple had sold 400 million iOS devices and there are 200 million customers who use iTunes in the cloud with 435 million iTunes accounts with credit card numbers linked to them. Apple said that 15 billion media downloads have been made.

Kitguru says: Whether you like Apple or not, it is hard not to be impressed by these figures!

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