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The lost iPhone 5: a clever ruse for media attention?

Yesterday we reported that Apple had lost a prototype of the iPhone 5, in a bar. Many people couldn't believe that the same thing happened almost a year before. The International Business Times however have a different take on the matter – was it a clever ploy for media attention?

The iPhone 5 was apparently left behind by an Apple employee who was testing the product ‘in the field', rather than in laboratory conditions inside the Apple Campus. The phone was then picked up by an unknown person and sold on Craiglist for a measly $200.

The IBTimes argue that making the same mistake two years in a row would mean that Apple staff were really incompetent. They also add that security measures would have been tightened up since the first fiasco.

They claim that no photos of the device have been seen online, and no details on the changes or design have been mentioned anywhere. The reports claim that Apple traced the phone back to a residential house in San Francisco, but the man living there said that he didn't have any phone. They searched his house and found nothing.

Is the 'missing' iPhone 5 just a marketing ploy to generate buzz before launch?

Obviously with such a claim, there would be a record in the San Francisco Police Department, but SF Weekly has reported that there has been no such investigation by inspectors. According to SFPD spokesman Albie Esparza.

The Ibtimes say “All these findings show that Apple may be attempting a cheap publicity stunt to increase the buzz around its flagship device, which according to recent polls would be a smash success.

Apple may be following a simple idea. Boost the anticipation for iPhone 5 till its launch as money could not buy this type of hype and sales-generating buzz.”

Many say that Apple really don't need to run a clever ploy to generate sales, as the iPhone 5 will sell without marketing or hype.

Apple have yet to comment to the press on the ‘missing iPhone 5'.

Kitguru says: Have you got the prototype iPhone 5 in hand? Do let us know!

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