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Intel’s Dave Byrne and the state of the Solid State

At Wednesday night's Intel Tweet-Up in old London Town, multiple presenters went through a heap of technologies. It's not that any of them were world exclusive launches, it was more the intimate hands-on nature of the presentations that really worked well. Gaming Guru Max Smolaks caught up with Dave Byrne and offered coins for comparison.

When Intel pushed out the original X25 drives, the price was so high and the performance so amazing, that every technology enthusiast we know started to ask themselves the same kind of question, “Can I really run a Windows 7 PC with just 40GB ?” – KitGuru pondered the Crucial 64GB drive here back in June 2010.

Fortunately, a series of process improvements and shrinks meant that sensible sized drives are now freely available to everyone. Good example is the multi-award winning 60GB AData S511 which Scan has for just £83 inc vat at the time of writing. Time to catch up with Dave Byrne.

Max Smolaks with Intel's Dave Byrne - holding a corporate SSD and the latest in mini hard drives. While Alistair Kemp appears to have been grafted onto Max's right shoulder - we have no idea who the odd bloke on the right is.

Apart from being a poor Arsenal sufferer, Dave Byrne is also Intel's Business Manager for Solid State Drives across Europe, Middle East and Africa. He's a 15 year veteran, but the glint in his eyes when discussing the new micro SSD drives is infectious. Max Smolaks stopped smiling long enough to whip out a shiny £1 coin for size comparison photos.

Dave Byrne demands a demonstration board from man-mountain Scott Pendry while another journalist goes nuts in the background. Board close up shows £1 coin, the SSD outside and fitted. Future PCs have so many options.


Just because we love the size comparison shots so much, Max insisted we insert this last one as well.

KitGuru spies report that Dave Byrne is over the moon with Arteta, Santos, Benayoun and Mertesacker. He Likes SSD too.


KitGuru says: The world of SSD is a great place. Right now, there is only one issue: It is so good and so popular, that prices are firm. It will take a technology update for pricing to tumble again. Watch this space.

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  1. Wow thats some development. incredible to see the sizing being reduced like this. Ideal for ipods too and other devices

  2. Wasn’t Dave Byrne a singer ? 🙂

    Interesting how everything has to shrink, however there will be tons of uses for something this small. not just the PC market. incredible to see.

  3. Do Vtech still make those crappy kids PCs? Keep this miniaturisation up and Vtechs will have iPad interfaces in no time