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Writer threatens divorce unless partner converts to Apple tech

Apple lovers are a fanatical bunch and we often hear of funny and amusing stories, including camping out for days in the rain for a new product launch. New York Writer Susan Orlean was recently on stage at Macworld talking about her love of technology and new gadgets when she mentioned that her husband, a Windows users was told to adopt the Macintosh, or else.

CultOfMac, have an amusing piece on the subject and she apparently found that hauling her Macbook around was too tiring. When the iPad was released she found it solved all her problems when traveling. She said “It solved all of my problems.”

Orlean is a staff writer for The New Yorker and her book The Orchid Thief was made into a movie, staring Meryl Streep. Her latest book, Rin Tin tin: The Life and the Legend, is about the famous doggie star, which was made into a movie.

Susan Orlean: A lover of Apple products

Her love of the iPad extends to her family members. She has four iPads in the house, one for her, and her son, her husband. She recently bought one for their nanny too.

She said “We got one for our nanny as a Christmas present. I’ve never seen such joy on someone’s face.”

Her poor husband is a Windows lover and she converted him to Apple technology. “Do you want to stay married?” she said, jokingly. Obviously the MacWorld crowd loved that.

“I persuaded him,” she laughed. “I got him in line. Now he has an iPhone, an iPad, a MacBook. He’s a changed man.”

While she is joking, we wonder how many times this has happened between a couple? Would it bother you, if your partner used a Windows or Macintosh computer?

Kitguru says: Apple have such devoted followers.

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