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iPhone 5 launches Friday 23rd September – say Apple sauces

Subject to change, it seems that the Cupertino giant is prepping for a launch toward the end of next month. KitGuru has its ears to the ground and managed to pick up the sound of distant Cupertino hooves. What are the implications ?

[UPDATE: We have now discovered that Apple had not specified which phone was launching on 23rd. Turns out that it will be an iPhone 4 Lite because it’s more appropriate for the present economic environment. Retailers have also been told that this will now be 1 week later on 1st October]

The channel is choked with phones. While the initial demand for iPad 2 products was too much even for Foxconn, it finally seems that the tablet supply will managed to satisfy the market by the end of Q3.

Right now, the only Apple choke is iPhone 4. You can pop into almost any phone store and walk out with an iPhone 4. The product is in plentiful supply, with loads more in the channel – just waiting to arrive in your local store.

So what will happen to iPhone 4 on 23rd September?

Simple. Sales will stop. Almost instantly.

No one in their right mind will go with the iPhone 4 when the very latest iPhone 5 is on the shelves.

If you’ve been looking for an iPhone 4 deal, then the end of September will be the time to put pressure on your local supplier.

Steve Jobs? Yeah, sure, he's a regular in the KitGuru Labs. Sure.

KitGuru says: If you want the world to believe you are rich, stylish, tasteful and extraordinarily well-endowed, then we’d suggest you break £530 out of your piggy bank on 22nd September. £500 for your iPhone 5, £20 for a sleeping bag and £10 for an inflatable pillow. If you’re going to queue on the street like a homeless, then you may as well be warm and comfortable – right?

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