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Apple to work with LG and Samsung on new LCD for iPad 3

Latest news is circulating in the far east that Apple will be working with LG Display and Samsung Electronics for the next screen technology for the iPad 3.

Various sources are quoting the news, such as the Korea Times and I spoke with a contact in Taipei today who indicated that a deal is almost signed and ready for production. Apple are apparently testing the screen internally.

The iPad 3 has been causing a lot of discussion as many sources are indicating a move to a super high resolution ‘Retina’ style screen which is set to shake the whole tablet market on its head. With a proposed resolution of 2048×1538 pixels Apple will be certain that a huge portion of the current iPad audience will ‘trade up’ to the dramatically improved design. While other manufacturers struggle to get any percentage of the tablet market, this move will further stretch Apple’s lead.

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The Korea Times say that the deal is to help Apple reduce their reliance on Samsung as a main supplier of many of their components. “The deal comes as Apple has been looking to reduce its dependence on Samsung to provide key components such as flash memory chips, processors and LCDs.”

With legal wrangling underway, it makes sense for Apple to keep other avenues open for future product manufacturing. Some analysts had thought that Apple might move to an OLED (organic light emitting) panel, which would have been a good profitable situation for Samsung, who have already been investing heavily in this sector.

The unnamed Korea Times source said “Another drawback is the current OLED technology is not at the level to realize a full HD viewing experience, which is important for tablets.”

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