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Apple checking into iOS vulnerabilities

Apple are studying reports that software vulnerabilities are allowing remote control and jailbreaking of its iOS devices.

Vupen, a french security firm posted information regarding two security flaws in Apple’s iOS and the Cupertino hardware giant are said to be investigating, according to latest reports from Reuters.

Steve Jobs wonders if the hacks will ever end

These vulnerabilities are being used by jailbreakme.com to allow end users to jailbreak an iOS device and install software independent of Apple’s moderated Application store – KitGuru has been reporting on this for the last week. This all originated from a hacker who calls himself Comex and unfortunately for Apple he says that when they patch this security loophole he already knows other software weaknesses he can take advantage of.

Other security experts have called this jailbreaking exploit ‘very beautiful work’, specifically because this jailbreak only requires the device itself via an internet connection.

KitGuru says: Have you already hacked your Apple device, let us know why you did it.

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