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Verizon and Motorola partner to challenge iPad

Latest news has reached KitGuru that Motorola are working on a new digital tablet device that will allow people to watch their television shows via it, a market obviously dominated right now by the Apple iPad.

This device will also have a 10 inch screen and will be running Google's Android operating system and we are hearing that it could launch as early as this Autumn in America.

This Motorola unit is expected to tie in closely with Verizon's FiOS digital pay television service and as Motorola also produce the TV set top boxes for the FiOS television service this seems like a logical next step.

Even though the tablet market was fully in operation before Apple launched the iPad, it was only afterwards that most companies have realised the potential that can be gained from being a player in this arena. The iPad alone for instance has propelled Apple from number seven position to number three in the worldwide market for notebooks and portable computers.

Motorola should have a good means to make this work as they have already got close integration with Verizon Wireless who own 25 per cent shares of the US television marketplace. Motorola have already said that their device will support Flash which is a ‘weakness' of the current Apple products as they refuse to support the platform on any level.

Early reports in show that the Motorola device is going to be thinner and lighter than Apples iPad and it will let users share its wireless data connection with nearby devices. Two cameras are also said to be incorporated, one for taking snapshots and another which is forward facing for video conferencing support.

KitGuru says: This could perhaps be the first significant challenger to the Apple iPad.

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