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Apple Knew of iPhone Antenna Risks

The Wall Street Journal have a rather damning article up today, which if its true is going to cause a lot of problems for Apple. According to a report internal concerns about the reception issues were already known before public release.

Today there is a conference at Apple's HQ in Cupertino, California although there are no specific details on what the talking points will be. Experts assume a large portion of the meeting will be to talk to the press about reception concerns.

An unknown person ‘familar with the matter' said that Apple engineers knew the risks associated with the new design a year ago but CEO Steve Jobs went ahead with the development anyway as he was so happy with the design.

All in all this report does not seem to be doing Apple any favours and is only going to add fuel to the fire if its found out that the engineers knew beforehand.

You can read more on the report over here.

KitGuru says: How Apple handle this is going to be important, but we hear a product recall isn't an option. Bumper cases and rebates look to be the viable option for customer trust rebuilding.

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