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Apple start delivering refunds for iPhone 4 bumpers

The Apple iPhone 4 antenna issues have been dominating press reports for weeks now and Apple stated a while ago that they were going to give away bumper cases for nothing and to offer refunds to customers. They have stuck to their word and have begun processing refunds for the …

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Apple Knew of iPhone Antenna Risks

The Wall Street Journal have a rather damning article up today, which if its true is going to cause a lot of problems for Apple. According to a report internal concerns about the reception issues were already known before public release. Today there is a conference at Apple's HQ in …

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Apple announce email chain with CEO was faked

Apple have made an announcement saying that Steve Jobs was not the author of a series of comments in an email exchange with an end user regarding iPhone 4 reception. The comments which were published yesterday by Boy Genius Report linked a series of email responses to Apples CEO. In …

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Apple iPhone 4 Upgrade Madness

‘The Emperor's New Clothes' by Hans Christian Andersen, is the story of a pair of conmen promising to create the most spectacular clothes, which will be invisible to people who are not intelligent enough to see them in all their glory. Pics from a major London shopping centre have arrived …

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Apple publicly confirm ‘call’ issues: solution? buy a case

KitGuru reported yesterday on the issues that many people were experiencing with the iPhone 4. Today Apple have confirmed that there are indeed problems with the phone which can cause call related problems, linked to pickup reception. The problems occur when the user touches two seams of the antenna band …

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