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Apple to offer TRIM support for SSD?

Windows 7 SSD users have enjoyed TRIM support for quite some time, however if you move to OSX this support is currently lacking. Performance tends to suffer over time and while I have been using an INTEL SSD in my Macintosh for a while the performance is noticeably lower than when it was first installed 6 months ago.

TRIM support is essentially a command which tells the operating system to wipe inactive blocks of prewritten data ensuring maximum performance.

Good news is on hand then as we have just heard that the new Nvidia Geforce 320M chipset inside the 13 inch MacBook pros can support TRIM, verified by this image.

All that is needed now is for Apple to make some code adjustments to their kernel and OSX could be TRIM supporting.

KitGuru says: OSX getting TRIM support would be a huge benefit to the Apple enthusiast audience, we hope it happens, sooner rather than later.

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