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BBC iPlayer will run on iPad – flash not required

The BBC recently announced version 3 of the iPlayer catch up service for their viewers meaning people can stream shows for a week after their first airing – these can also be downloaded for up to 30 days on support platforms. The system currently does not support Apple devices, however this looks to be something the BBC are going to fix.

Erik Huggers, Director of BBC Future Media and Technology said “We're not wedded to Flash. Let's be really clear about that, having over 25 devices out there for BBC iPlayer means we are quite flexible about the technologies we use to get our service out to consumers. Not all of our services are powered by Flash. The iPad is a very interesting device, the screen size is right, the battery life is right, and we will make iPlayer services available.”

Right now the plans aren't solid as to whether they will offer an option through their browser for playback or just release a home brewed created application on the iTunes store ….. either option is good news for the owners of Apple products. A specially created application would potentially offer more playback options, however it has been documented that a small percentage of the audience wont even know the application is available on the iTunes store at all.

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  1. It makes sense, there must be millions of Apple mobile users for instance.