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2.3 Billion USB 3 Devices?

KitGuru takes a lot of photos and shoots a lot of video. We lament the lack of IEEE1394 on many new systems. USB2 is OK, but not quite what we need. We want something faster. And we want our friends to have it too.

The wonderful folk at IDC have been busy with the projections [Hollywood films on the office wall? – Ed] and decided that, within 5 years, there will be one USB3 device on the planet for every 2.5 people. KitGuru wonders if we should be shocked by that number?

IDC is saying that just 12.45m USB3 units will ship in 2010. Follow that up with 100m units in 2011.

KitGuru says: We love USB3, but if you’re interested in the massive throughput, remember that every component in the data transfer train needs to be up to spec. It’s not enough to have USB3 on the mainboard. For example, if your card reader, pen drive and other devices don’t all come up to the USB3 spec – then actual data transfer will step down to the speed of the slowest component.

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  • Eric K

    USB 3 has basically failed to take off yet. I think the average consumer is just sick of new technology and is quite happy with performance from USB2. Time will obviously mean the shift will come, but its been slow I think.

  • Death Dealer

    Part of the issue is that most USB2 devices are cameras, little card readers, things like that. It would really help external hard drives, but the majority of people I dont actually think NEED it ?!