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Hard to please?: Surveys say get an iPad

Are you a hard man to please? Is it tough to get you excited? Then I have a suggestion …. and before you book that flight to Sweden just hear me out.

According to ChangeWave Research, 91 percent of people who have purchased an iPad are literally so happy they have problems controlling their bowels. The results of this survey are from 3,174 consumers to ‘measure future demand for the iPad' and the other asked 153 new iPad owners to give them feedback on what they thought.

While these are very small pools to be gleaning accurate statistics from (literally millions of people already have one), it appears that a larger study of the general public said that 7 percent are ‘very likely' to buy an iPad. A further 13 percent said they are ‘somewhat likely' to buy one. ChangeWave say that this is the highest level of consumer interest in the iPad to date. I am not sure what the other 80 percent said, perhaps they just wanted to be left alone.

ChangeWave said “In short, more than 3 times as many iPad e-Reader owners say they read Newspapers and Magazines as do all other e-Reader owners.”

A very satisfied Steve Jobs - contemplating his bank balance

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KitGuru says: iPad? yes ill have one please.

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