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Microsoft target Apple with new ‘PC v Mac’ section

KitGuru has reported recently that the Apple share in the PC world is slowly growing and it appears that Microsoft are starting to acknowledge that this may prove an issue, long term. They have launched a new section on their Windows 7 website which directly compares their latest and greatest operating system against Mac OS X.

“PCs are designed for work and play, with features you need to get things done on the job or at school and have fun at home or on the go. From easily sharing Microsoft Office documents to watching HDTV and Blu-ray movies, PCs help you do it all.”

This is the first text you will probably read on the page and it makes sense for Microsoft to target BluRay – a weakness of OSX which KitGuru has never understood. They need to sort this out, sooner rather than later.

Microsoft have targeted Apple before, with their famous $300 million ad campaign in 2008 which was based around a catchphrase “I'm a PC” – to answer Apple's controversial “Get a Mac” ads.

KitGuru says: Will Apple respond? We think so, keep watching this space.

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