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28nm TSMC wafers to be in short supply until 2013

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC), the producer of many chips (the non-potato variety) that we love to enjoy and abuse daily has told media that its 28nm foundry will fail to meet demand until next year. This will effect the supply of newer products from AMD, NVIDIA and Qualcomm.

Right now the Snapdragon S4 chip from Qualcomm is in hot demand as it will soon be powering millions of smartphones sold in the United States. It isn't going to help the relative shortage of NVIDIA's Kepler GPUs either.

TSMC's 28nm process is not expected to meet demand until next year

TSMC also went on to say that they expect shortages to improve, but not until the closing quarter of 2012 and “market demand is likely to be satisfied in 2013.” This same shortage is likely was caused the delay of the Asus Padfone that uses the Snapdragon S4 chip.

KitGuru says: This is unfortunate for TSMC; hopefully they get their 28nm process up to speed sooner than sometime next year.

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