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Apple dropping the need to enter password for free apps

With the upcoming release of iOS 6 it appears as if Apple will make it much easier for users to install free applications. Users running the third beta of iOS 6 have discovered that they no longer have to enter their password to download free applications from the App Store.

This will be sure to please iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users who currently have to enter intricate passwords on a 3.5 inch display every 15 minutes. This improves the App Store further, following the removal of the need to enter your password to update applications or re-install previously purchase applications; which was first witnessed in the first iOS 6 beta. Furthermore, after selecting to download and install an application the user will no longer be returned to the home screen.

KitGuru says: It’s been a while since I’ve used iOS but this addition removes one of my top five annoyances with Apple’s mobile platform.

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