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Samsung introduces a pair of MHL monitors

Samsung has just introduced a pair of standard looking monitors, look into the specification sheets however and you'll discover that they are actually the first monitors that support the Mobile High Definition Link (MHL) standard.

There will be two MHL supported models at first, the 23 inch S23B550VS and the 27 inch S27B550VS. Both are Full HD LED displays with integrated speakers and VGA input.

Samsung has just announced the first monitors that support MHL

MHL allows users to easily connect their smartphone (that supports MHL) to their monitor and was introduced last year with the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S II. Since then other phones including the HTC One X and the Samsung Galaxy S III support MHL. It essentially works by transmitting HDMI signals through a MicroUSB slot on a phone.

Current MHL solutions require you to have an additional power source but these new MHL cables (as yet unavailable, but they will be coming soon) remove the requirement for this, as the monitor will supply the required power.

KitGuru says: It's good to see Samsung taking a step forward in the rather stale PC monitor market.

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