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Android 5.0 may bring with it multiple Nexus devices

Do you remember when HTC and Google launched the Neuxs One back in 2010? In a fast moving mobile world we don't remember much of early 2010 either. Anyway, the Nexus series of phones have always been a highlight of Android – being one of the very few devices to run stock Android – which compared to most manufacturer skins (Samsung TouchWiz) is a very good thing.

Another advantage of devices being release in partnership with Google is that from now on they will likely be available through Google itself, on the Play Store. Today, you can buy the Samsung Galaxy Nexus directly from Google. However, this is currently only open to Americans, although Google plans to roll it out to other regions soon.

While the Galaxy Nexus is already available from the Play Store, Google plans to add many more devices to the range later this year

With the announcement (and possible launch) of Android 5.0 Jelly Bean next month reports are stating that Google is working with up to five manufacturers for stock Android 5.0 devices – both smartphones and tablets – to bring more to the Google Play Store. One of the devices is likely to be the rumoured Asus tablet that has been mentioned several times before.

It is not exactly clear how the five manufacturers will differentiate their products from the other devices however. It is possible that each manufacturer has guidelines from Google that they have to work by. For example Asus could make a cheaper 7 inch tablet, while Samsung could produce a high end 10 inch tablet.

KitGuru says: While not much is known about Android 5.0, the addition of many Nexus devices can only be a good thing.

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