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Samsung locks down S Voice following leak

Yesterday we briefly mentioned that Samsung's S Voice application had been leaked online and seemed to be working pretty well – even with a Kiwi (New Zealand) accent. However, this may have all been in vain as Samsung has since blocked anything other than the Galaxy S III from accessing the S Voice servers.

Samsung has blocked non-Galaxy S III owners from using S Voice

The Siri competitor was originally extracted from a leaked Galaxy S III ROM and worked well for all with Android 4.0 installed on their phone or tablet. Because S Voice also sends out a lot of data to the servers, including details on the make and model of your device this made it pretty easy to block unverified devices from taking advantage of one of the Galaxy S III's main selling points.

For those who are really desperate to use S Voice for whatever reason you can still change edit the build.prop file to fool the S Voice servers into thinking you have a Galaxy S III. Note that this is for advanced users only. If you really want an personal assistant either hire one, or check out Vlingo.

KitGuru says: Considering Apple did the exact same thing when Siri was hacked to run on the iPhone 4, this comes as no real surprise.

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