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Asus ZenFone 5 LTE Smartphone Review

The primary shooter on the ZenFone 5 LTE is an 8MP unit, taking images at a native resolution of 3200*2400, a 4:3 aspect ratio.
P_20150328_165214_HDR P_20150331_175342

The camera is very good and takes sharp images, even with lower light. ASUS' own camera app has several useful modes, but we found ourselves using the HDR mode most of all, as it was very effective at producing well-balanced images. In bright sunlight, photos taken using the auto mode can seem over-exposed, but HDR mode takes lovely photos.
P_20150402_152727 P_20150402_152734_HDR

HDR off (left) compared with HDR on

For under £190, this is a great little camera and seems to be rivalling the 8MP shooter on the iPhone 5 and 5S. Yes, newer handsets often have 13MP cameras these days, but for the price, the camera on the ZenFone 5 LTE is very impressive.

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