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iPhone 5 – is this the new design?

MacRumors have an article detailing the upcoming iPhone 5, with some images of how it could look. With Chinese case manufacturers already producing cases for the product, the Apple oriented website have commissioned a company to create renderings.

MacRumors say “The representation here, however, does show a 4 inch screen which preserves Apple’s current screen ratio. Rumors have suggested that Apple may be enlarging the screen size in the upcoming iPhone models.”

They add “The elongated hole for the home button has suggested that the home button may itself also become more oval in shape. That is the direction our designer took as well. It’s also possible, however, that the home button will retain its round shape and Apple has simply allowed extra space for swiping across the home button in a left to right or right to left manner. ”

You can read more over here.

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  • Impy

    Few facts are going to lead me to buy this:
    A) My iPhone 3G is badly outdated, even iOS Support for it has been dropped
    B) iOS 5 is wonderful. I passed over the iPhone 4 because I could still run the core portion of iOS 4 and I didn’t need a new Smartphone at the time, but now it’s time
    C) Rumored double A5 Processor. Wonderful.
    D) Not to mention the increase in screen size. Just can’t get used to how small the current screen is.

    However, a few issues. Apple has a “thin-ness” mania. They need to keep in mind Cell Phones are supposed to fit in the palm of one’s hand. Making it too thin means it needs to be extended, and while they have already extended it for the Screen Size, I hope this doesn’t have them push to make it as this as possible, seeing as if its too thin, or even too big, it’ll be annoyingly hard to grip.

    I’m looking forward to buying it, but even so, I won’t hesitate to drop by an Apple Store first to check out a test model there, just to make sure it’s not too thin/big. I suggest everyone who isn’t sure do the same, iPhones have always carried a high price tag, and I expect this one to be no different. You wouldn’t want to regret your purchase now would you?

  • DuckGoQuack

    Lol, they trying to make the iphone look more like a samsung galaxy with the home button.

    Btw Samsung had an indented round button with a shape in it before apple check this out

    The way i see it, the iphone5 is going to be less powerful than current DC smartphones (except for graphics), but in a few months will be horribly outdated with
    upcoming SE, LG and a couple of months after that Samsung Galaxy S 3

  • Impy

    Yeah looks like this time Apple is moving the design closer to Samsung’s, rather than vice-versa. Wonder if Samsung will respond with a Lawsuit on the iPhone 5 in retaliation to Apple’s Lawsuit against Samsung. Do they even have a case? Anyway.

    A5 is the same Processor that powers the iPad 2, which is I believe considered to be a very, if not the most powerful Tablet on the Market. The iPad 2 uses Dual A5 Processors, and rumor has it the iPhone 5 will as well. I don’t see how it’ll be “less powerful” than current Smartphones. The Graphics on the iPad 2 are however, for sure rivaled by none right now, so “horribly outdated” seems to be exaggerated. Nvidia’s upcoming GPU is good, but from what we’ve seen of it so far it isn’t really “horribly outdating” anything anytime soon. It’ll be competing, but not obsoleting anything except Nvidia’s older GPUs.

    Unless you’re referring to the rumor that the S3 will run Quad Cores, Apple could barely manage the heating/power with dual A5s. Quads seem to be at least a year or two away still. Besides, Quad Cores on a Smartphone? What kind of Smartphone OS needs that kind of power? iOS is spreading fast in the gaming industry, Android on the other hand is still smaller comparing games, and they’re really just about the only apps that would really need Quad Cores, if those even. Stocks Apps, Browsers, Music, etc. (basically everything else) wouldn’t really require Quad power.

    The iPhone 5 might lose some sales if it doesn’t support 4G as Rumors claim (Apple not being happy with the 4G Chip, waiting on something else or something), but from the issues I hear that LG’s and other Company’s Smartphones are having with 4G, it seems 4G might have been better ending up as a 2012 product, rather than a 2011 thing.

  • DuckGoQuack

    The A5 gets beaten by the Tegra 2 in the processor benchmarks. Even if it the Tegra 2 is really only roughly equal to the A5, the latest qualcomm and samsung chips leave it in the dust.

    Next gen andriods in 6-8 months will be epic, quad core processors, rumours of 1.5 Gb ram, 720p displays and hopefully way better graphics chips along with ice cream sandwich