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Samsung prepares Galaxy S 4 for biggest launch in history

With an 8 core processor and 1080p rumoured, Samsung is promising an iconic phone. Times Square is an iconic location. This afternoon, Samsung will take over the whole square for what promises to be the biggest launch in phone history – for what Samsung hopes will be the biggest selling smartphone of the year. KitGuru shreds some old iPhone 5 adverts – ready to join in the party spirit.

Rumours about the exact specification of the Samsung Galaxy S 4 vary wildly, but the most attractive seems to include:-

  • 1.8GHz 8 core processor – combining A7 and A15 cores for maximum flexibility
  • 1080p display
  • 13 megapixel camera
  • 533Mhz PowerVR SGX graphics processor
  • 2GB system memory and 16GB of storage (expandable with microSD)

The idea that something you carry in your pocket to do things like ‘Wish granny happy birthday' etc would need a 1.8GHz 8 processor is, frankly, amazing.

Samsung is taking no chances and has been streaming its introductory S 4 videos to millions on YouTube already:- [yframe url='http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dIEfNaNCkKM']

Comparing these specs to the desktop systems of yesteryear and we seem to have something like the top specification available just over a decade ago – with a price tag of more than £1,000 and a total system weight of more than 20Kg.

In fact, with the best will in the world, your monitor was highly unlikely to be running at 1080p – with 768 (720p) being a much more likely option – and your PC would have struggled to run 2 threads, forget about the idea of 8 separate cores.

Now, it seems, that Samsung are preparing to make all that – and more – available on a phone that will cost ‘next to nothing' on most serious contracts.


For now, this is all rumour and speculation – but the truth will be revealed before dawn on the 15th March.

Will it be a case of Fantastic 4 beating Dr Doom in Times Square ?

KitGuru says: While South Korea faces serious military threats across its northern border, it seems to be having a much better time of territorial expansion against Apple in the communications war. One thing is for certain, anyone who picked up a Galaxy 3 in the last couple of months is going to feel like a complete mug if the new Galaxy S4 spec we've discussed here is real.

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