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Siri port H1Siri breaks your iPhone

Apple’s Siri has been one of the most exciting new additions to the iPhone range in many years. The latest H1Siri port can bring the Apple digital assistant to the iPhone 4.

Techcrunch writer Sarah Perez has posted that the new hack might be more trouble than its worth however, with many people reporting that their phone has broken.

The hack was made by a group of chinese people called the ‘CD Dev Team’ and according to a post they made on Weibo, they had originally just intended this to be a small test, rather than a full release for everyone to use. The demand is that high, that their server can’t keep up with the requests.

iDownloadBlog has advised their readers to stay away from the latest H1Siri port after their own tests with the hack failed to work properly. The new port actually uses copyrighted binaries from the iPhone S, meaning it uses illegal code. Other hackers have confirmed this, adding that the code gives the creators access to your personal data. Never a good thing.

Reports so far claim that the code breaks the camera, bricks the phone, causes random reboots and corrupts the settings application.

Kitguru says: Sounds like something that should be avoided. Install at your own risk!

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