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Intel to help smaller companies build ultrabooks

Intel are planning to help smaller companies to build ultrabooks, with the goal of ensuring the customer base has a wide selection of options to choose from.

CNET published an article which claims that Intel will be meeting with companies tomorrow in Taipei to act as a ‘matchmaker’. They will help small companies build a relationship with partners such as Foxconn, Quanta and Compal.

According to their source, they claim Intel will be wanting machines released from Onkyo, Viewsonic, Mustek, Epson, Motion Computing, Positivo and WiPro. Smaller brands don’t always have the capabilities to build ultrabooks and that is why Intel are stepping in, to offer their support, contacts and guidance. Larger brands such as Dell, Asus, Toshiba and Acer are already building ultrabooks and won’t be a focus of this meeting. They are already planning to release the next generation of ultrabooks based on Intel’s Ivy Bridge chip and are due by the summer of 2012.

Intel are firmly behind the ultrabook range of systems, putting $300 million into an Ultrabook Fund – which is set aside to develop critical features, such as battery life, chassis design and the touch interface.

One of the main problems is the use of metal, which features on many of the Apple portable products. Sadly this raises the cost, and proves too costly for an ultrabook with a price under 900 dollars. Reducing the price of chassis design and materials is a key focus point for Intel.

Kitguru says: Has Ultrabook got a strong future? Watch this space.

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