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Apple allows remote torrenting on iOS

Apple looks to have lifted its ban on torrent applications on the iOS, having allowed Conttrol, an app that lets you manage your uTorrent software remotely with the use of your iPhone. It’s not the only one that’s shown up on the app store either, with Apple also certifying Transmission RPC a few months ago.

In the past the fruity firm has been quite adamant about its non-inclusion policy for applications that involve BitTorrent. While it now looks to have gone through an about face, there is still a niggling fear among the hope that these two apps somehow just slipped through the net and will be banned once Apple catches on.

Apologies to the app makers if the increased publicity expedites that

“Currently the app supports connections to uTorrent & BitTorrent clients but there are future plans to support Transmission on the Mac, as well as planned development of a native iPad version,” Conttrol developer Craig Donnelly  said while speaking with TorrentFreak.

As it stands neither Transmission RPC or Conttrol allows for the downloading of files directly to the smartphone – which might be the reason they’ve skated through – but it does allow for the facilitating of P2P downloading, something in the past Apple has been keen to distance itself from.

However, with the release earlier this week of the first uTorrent client for rival platform Android, it could simply be that Apple doesn’t want to be left behind. If all the downloaders went to Android, it would represent a significant user jump. Unlikely to happen, but perhaps worth considering.

KitGuru Says: What do you guys think? Did Apple change its tune, or is this a simple mistake that will be swiftly corrected?

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