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Steam now available for iPad

It seems we can’t go a day without Steam or Valve being in the news – and unfortunately it’s never about Half Life 3 – but we’re at it once again today, since the Steam app is now available for the iPad.

If you want to pick up the Steam app you can grab it from the iTunes app store now and “participate in the Steam community wherever you go.” The app lets you browse games – and sales – and make purchases which will be ready to download on your PC later on. You can chat with friends and browse community groups too.

Steam App
The Steam app, but bigger!

Of course this is all familiar stuff to iPhone users of the Steam app, as all this release is, is an update to allow for iPad support. There’s also apparently some “voiceover fixes” in this version (1.2) and the ability to go offline without logging out. Some localisation and bug fixes have also been noted, but not detailed and users can now close the global navigation menu by dragging anywhere on the right side of the screen.

Early reviews of the software suggest that it “simply stretches the iPhone app to the fit the iPad,” though others are more positive, saying that it’s nice to see a full screen version.

KitGuru Says: No doubt this app will be useful for those that want to keep up to date with Steam sales, but I imagine most people with an iPad already have an iPhone anyway.

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