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Zynga ends development on three future titles

Zynga has announced that three of the six planned game releases for the end of 2013 will no longer be continuing development. This follows on from staff layoffs, earnings and a heavy hitting lawsuit from EA that are collectively piling on the pressure for a company that looks like it has tough times ahead of it.

The games that will no longer come to be include: CityVille 2, The Friend Game and Party Place. This does however mean for now, that Bubble Safari Ocean, CoasterVille and Ayakashi will continue being developed.

Bubble Safari
What an original looking game

As Eurogamer points out, Zynga has been bleeding cash for the last year and a half, spilling almost a billion dollars worth all over the floor. Still its fortunes have improved recently, but that seems likely to be down to the closing of some of its many studios. Zynga was certainly a company that expanded fast and contracted just as quickly.

KitGuru Says: Considering Zynga’s whole game making platform was, “distract them long enough to pay money for this button clicker of a game,” I can’t say I’m hugely surprised it’s fairing poorly as the quality amps up in the social networking games market. Any of you guys still have a digital farm you tend vigorously?

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