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Book pricing on Amazon can penalise Kindle users

It's not hard to see where the real costs are incurred by book publishers. You have trees to cultivate, chop,  transport, mill, form into paper, transport again, inks to make, covers to design, writers-editors-publishers to pay and, at the end of all that, you still need to ship a heavy product across the world in order to take your money. Kindle must be cheaper. Surely. KitGuru gets a nasty surprise in bed on a cold Saturday morning.

Go back just one generation and the sure fire sign that a bloke had forgotten to buy his nearest and dearest something special for a holiday or other celebration, was all around you at the local petrol station. Cheap chocolates, dying flowers, rash-inducing perfume and a host of nasty novelty gifts were everywhere – every time you went to pay for your freshly pumped benzine products.

But you only noticed them when, in a blind panic, you realised it was Christmas or Valentines or her birthday and you had nothing.

In the modern era, we can look to Aria, eBuyer and Amazon for last minute gifts (with varying degrees of technology involved). Add in the Amazon Kindle and you are ‘in the zone' when it comes to buying presents. Download-city awaits your credit card details and a valid delivery address.

When it comes to books, Kindles have done away with the need for mass-tree-slaughter and all the oil/gas/chemicals that go into making hardbacks etc, so not only is the Kindle more convenient – it's also very much cheaper. So downloading a Kindle book will only be a fraction of the price of a paperback – and a hell of a lot less than a brand new hardback.

Or so you would think.

It's hard to see why a hardback version of a book would be almost 10% cheaper than its Kindle equivalent – but that is exactly the kind of profiteering we have seen this morning. We're going with the word profiteering, because there's no way on earth that the Kindle version being more expensive does anything more than penalise those who would prefer to be nice to the planet and have their product delivered quicker – direct to their reading device.

If you add in the fact that once you've read a book, it has a re-sale value, then the economics get even worse.

Congratulations to whichever genius is setting this pricing: Your planet thanks you.

KitGuru says: That's just one example. There are others. We can't think of a single justification – can you?

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