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Hacker claims he read Hilary Clinton’s private emails

With the U.S. general election looming later this year, Hilary Clinton's email scandal could end up costing her the presidency, which is why her team is pushing back hard against the idea that alleged hacker Marcel Lehel Lazar hacked her private server. He claims it was easy to access and that …

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Webcam streamer wants a job

Are you looking for someone that has a background in breaking webcam security? Perhaps a penchant for highlighting security flaws in major corporate software in the public eye? Then consider hiring on the man responsible for the recent webcam hacking scandal, as he's added a job listing to his site, …

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Reddit made a killing on the celebrity nude scandal

Reddit recently banned the main groups associated with the “Fappening,” which saw prominent female celebrities' personal photographs leaked onto the internet and distributed via links and uploads to relevant subreddits and just about everywhere else on the web. However before Reddit dropped the banhammer on all forums associated with the event, …

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Book pricing on Amazon can penalise Kindle users

It's not hard to see where the real costs are incurred by book publishers. You have trees to cultivate, chop,  transport, mill, form into paper, transport again, inks to make, covers to design, writers-editors-publishers to pay and, at the end of all that, you still need to ship a heavy …

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McDonald’s falls victim to Twitter honesty

Selective blindness can affect businesses as easily as it can individuals. In the case of tech-mad young execs at McDonald's, it led to the kicking off of two conversations that they quickly realised were heading in the wrong direction. KitGuru covers itself in camouflage and heads off to the bushes, …

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