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MicroUSB becomes smartphone industry standard interface

Two European standardisation bodies have ruled that micro USB is to become the new standard interface port for smartphones in Europe.

They have said “we made available the harmonized standards needed for the manufacture of data-enabled mobile phones compatible with a new common charger. This is the most recent development in the process toward a global common mobile phone charger initiated by the European Commission.”

Apple, as many people know, use a 30 pin dock connector for charging and transfering data on its iPhone, iPod and iPad devices although they have agreed that an adapter is suitable for compliance. It is not just Apple who are jumping aboard this streamlining of mobile phone connectivity as Qualcomm, RIM, Nokia, LGE, Samsung and Sony Ericsson are also going to support the new standards, specifically in regards to charging.

Antonio Tajani, European Commission Vice President said “The common charger will make life easier for consumers, reduce waste, and benefit businesses. It is a true win-win situation.”

We would assume that Apple will start issuing a 30 pin dock connector to micro USB adapter for the European models of their mobile devices, although many people will be saying that they should just ditch the 30 pin dock connector entirely.

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