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PNY has revealed the world’s first 512GB MicroSD card

MicroSD cards are somewhat of a marvel when it comes to how much storage you can cram into the tiny fingernail-sized card. PNY is taking portable storage to a new level with the world’s first 512GB MicroSD card- the PNY Elite. Back in February, SanDisk took the crown for the …

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Lexar launches 200GB high-performance microSD card

While SanDisk may have been the first to tout a 200GB microSD card last year, more companies are starting to catch on to the trend with Lexar becoming the latest to launch a high-performance microSDXC card offering speeds up to 95 MBps. The 200GB capacity is a step up from …

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SanDisk debuts new largest microSD card

If you have a camera or smartphone that is constantly running out of storage space, forcing you to swap out for another card, then Sandisk’s latest release will be right up your street. It’s a new, record breaking microSD card, with a whopping 128GB capacity. Designed with Android tablets and …

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Slow flash storage leads to slow smartphones

If I ran a poll asking our readers what features are most important to them when purchasing a new smartphone, I would be willing to bet the top three would be the display, chipset and the brand of phone. However researchers at NEC have found embedded flash memory modules and …

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MicroUSB becomes smartphone industry standard interface

Two European standardisation bodies have ruled that micro USB is to become the new standard interface port for smartphones in Europe. They have said “we made available the harmonized standards needed for the manufacture of data-enabled mobile phones compatible with a new common charger. This is the most recent development …

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